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Our Freedom to Fly Now Workshop 
Will Help You Overcome Your 'Fear of Flying' 
Freedom to Fly Now, operating out of New York City, offers two-day group workshops to help people overcome their fear of flying. The program founder and instructor is Martin Seif, Ph.D., ABPP. Dr. Seif is currently the Associate Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center of White Plains Hospital and is a recognized expert on helping people overcome their Fear of Flying. Also, as some one who once had a profound fear of flying, he also knows first hand what you are experiencing. 
Why Attend a Freedom to Fly Now Workshop?
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A Letter to You, From Martin Seif, Ph.D.

I Want to Help You Erase Your Fears of Flying

Congratulations!  You have taken your first step in overcoming your fear of flying.

Now, you might be thinking, “How’s that? I’m just looking at this website. How can I be starting to overcome my fear of flying?”

Here is how: Anxiety encourages avoidance. We avoid the things we fear. A part of you would like to pretend your fear of flying doesn’t exist. But there is another aspect of avoidance that you have probably already discovered. Unfortunately, avoidance keeps anxiety fresh and intensifies your fears.  Avoidance is the opposite of overcoming your fears. 

So, if you want to overcome your fear of flying, the best way to start is by moving—in manageable steps—towards the direction of your fears. And that is precisely what you are doing when you consider enrolling in Freedom to Fly Now. You are not avoiding, you are reading this. You are thinking about the group workshop, and what it will be like. You are taking your first steps in overcoming your fear of flying. Once again, congratulations!

First steps!  Hah!  For a lot of you, nothing could be further from the truth. This might be your 10th or 20th or 50th attempt to take first steps. Most of you have tried lots of ways to overcome your fear of flying. Pills. Hypnosis. Virtual Reality. Psychotherapy. Will power. Prayer. Self-help books. And yet your fears remain. So what could possibly be different with this approach?  Why might Freedom to Fly Now help you overcome your fear of flying when others have been less than successful?  Let me give you some reasons.

First, I know fear of flying from every possible angle - I know it from the inside and the outside.  I am a psychologist who overcame my own fears of flying and went on to help others overcome theirs.  I understand what it is like to feel so frightened by the thought of getting on a plane, that one becomes immobilized and frozen by fear. I have met my own fears of flying, and I have learned the lessons that I want to teach you. I have felt the terror of boarding a plane, and I understand the courage that it takes to tame the fears that keep you from flying comfortably, or from flying at all.

Second, I am very, very experienced - I have led groups for fearful fliers for over 15 years, and I have seen just about every type of fearful flier, many times. My group program, Freedom to Fly (not affiliated with Freedom to Fly Now), has helped close to a thousand fearful fliers achieve comfortable flight. I have treated face to face perhaps more fearful fliers than any professional treatment expert in the United States. There is no substitute for experience, and my expertise centers on fears of flying.  This is important, because fears of flying are really a group of fears, and I have seen them all.  

Third, I am going to help you to distinguish between two types of fear:  One type of fear is a reaction to danger.  A second type of fear has nothing to do with danger, and is called anxiety.  Many of you who know and believe that flying is one of the safest ways to travel still react as if we are in danger while in flight. I am going to show you why this happens, and how to combat it.

Fourth, we help your flying companions help you cope with your anxiety before, during, and after each flight. I have very specific suggestions for companions on what to do while you are going through the entire flight experience—and that includes the enormous fear that precedes you getting on the airplane. We will act as a guide for your companions.  

Fifth, Freedom to Fly Now is a group program.  You will meet others who are challenged with similar fears. You will have the opportunity to give and receive support among people who understand your experience exactly. You will benefit from the presence of other members.

Sixth, you have the opportunity to fly with your therapist. I have been flying with clients for over 25 years, and I will do everything I can do to make your flight instructive, therapeutic and manageable.  

Finally, I know how difficult this can be. I didn’t fly for the first 29 years of his life, and I often believed that I would never fly. Overcoming my fear of flying was the most difficult challenge I had ever encountered. And, although I fly comfortably now, I am still appreciative of the difficulty of the task. I intend to maintain that attitude throughout our weekend workshop: an intense appreciation that you are embarking on a difficult mission that can bring enormous richness to your life.

In sum, Freedom to Fly Now provides help for your fear of flying that hasn’t been available before. I understand your reluctance to try once again to overcome a fear that hasn’t yielded in the past. But I think that this approach can be helpful, no matter what your previous experiences have been. 

I hope to meet you at our fall workshop. You have nothing to lose-- except your fears!

Marty Seif
April 20-21, 2013
New York City, NY
from Our September Workshop
For ten years, I did not fly. Then a few months ago, I became aware of “Freedom to Fly Now” and I signed up not knowing if I would go through with the flying portion of the course. I did the first day and it was extremely helpful and mentally prepared me for the flight portion of it the next day. I did the flight to Washington DC with the group and I was extremely proud of myself.


I'd like to tell you the three things that you imparted to me that really made an impact on me, and ultimately helped me work my way back to enjoying flying:


I am very grateful to you Dr. Marty, for helping me overcome my fear of flying and for giving me a new life.


Thank you for a great and very interesting weekend! You approached my anxiety from an angle I wasn't expecting, and really made me think.


Since our meeting, flying has been greatly improved for me. I've flown to Italy, and across the US (mainly NYC to Denver and LA)


Just wanted you to know that your expertise has had a tremendous benefit for me {on my fear of flying}. I have told people about it and recommended you as well.

Dr. Martin Seif answers questions about fear of flying on the “Ask the Expert” section of the ADAA website.  
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  We Help People Overcome Fear of Flying